Health Tips For Programmers

Let’s face it. Ever since you started coding, your body has taken an unmistakable turn for the worse.

Your skin has lightened to the point of being reflective, your diet now consists of crisps and cookies, and let’s not even talk about the disaster zone that is your posture.

Actually, let’s.

Your spine. You are ruining it. And you might not have noticed lately, what with all the non-movement, but you need your spine for a few things. You know, walking, standing, not being a cripple.

So here’s what you’re going to do.

Set yourself an alarm, every hour on the hour throughout your workday. Every time that alarm goes off, you are going to stand up and walk away from your desk. You’re going to swing your arms around and bend over a few times. You’re going to roll your shoulders back and forth, and make sure that you’re standing straight.

You’re also going to go to Massage World, and order yourself a basic table. When it arrives, you’re going to get a recommendation for a reputable massage therapist, and set up a monthly appointment with them where they will come and annihilate all the knots in your muscles and straighten out your skeletal alignment.

Finally, you’re going to stop drinking all that corrosive rubbish that burns your stomach and rots your teeth and replace it with water. Yes, water. I know you rely on your sodas for energy but you will die an early and unpleasant death if you don’t get this in hand.

Got it? Good. Get to it.