The 3 Coolest Ruby on Rails Projects

As you know, I’m a bit of a fiend for all things Ruby on Rails. I love the language, and how incredibly versatile it is. It’s such a powerful tool, and today I want to showcase to you some of the amazing things people all around the world are using it for.

First up is the very cool Tennis Hub. The founder, Eddie Ross, is a super smart guy who has been in the start-up scene for a while now. He is also an avid tennis player, and saw a whole in the market.

Tennis players were only playing a fraction of the amount they wanted to play, simply because they couldn’t find other people to play with often enough. Tennis coaches had plenty of sessions they wanted to full, and tennis clubs were operating well below their capacity.

So with a team of Ruby developers, he went about creating a platform that would connect tennis players with other enthusiasts, with coaches and clubs, so that everyone in the tennis community would see an upturn in their involvement, and for coaches and clubs, in their profitability.

You can think of Tennis Hub as a platform like Tindr. Someoen posts availability in your area, you click to say you’re in, and it’s a done deal. They only charge coaches and clubs $2 per booking, but it can add a tonne of revenue to their annual P&L sheet.

I love a good game of tennis myself, so I’m thrilled for Tennis Hub to keep expanding until it gets to my area and I can start taking advantage of it.

Next up is SupaDupa. It’s basically a ‘plug and play’ platform for boutique stores. It comes with customisable themes and templates, and frees small creative businesses to really take their store to the next level.

Since a few of my friends are the fashion-y types, this makes me really excited. There’s finally a crossover in our interests! It’s got a really great UI, making it so simple for even the most technophobic types to create an amazing ecommerce platform.

Finally, comes RiskMNGT, an incredibly powerful tool for businesses in high-risk niches, particularly in software and development. RiskMNGT essentially allows you to predict and manage risk according to a pre-determined set of parameters.

You can track and manage everything from impact, to probability, to exposure level, as well as developing mitigation and contingency plans. It’s pretty damn impressive and will be saving a lot of heads from a lot of chopping blocks.